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Trade Names

Grilamid L

Grilamid L is produced via the polycondensation process from laurinlactam raw materials. The high-value generic properties of Grilamid L result from the chemical structure of polyamide 12. For more than 40 years now this technical polymer has proved its value in a wide variety of demanding applications.

Besides standard products for extrusion and injection moulding, the product range also comprises the new Grilamid SST range with super stiff and extremely tough grades for metal replacement, and Grilamid WA grades with drinking water approvals.

  • Grilamid SST
  • Grilamid WA

Grilamid TR

All Grilamid TR products are transparent, thermoplastic polyamides based on aliphatic, cycloaliphatic and aromatic components. All grades have an interesting range of properties in common, with which individual requirements can be met.

  • Grilamid TR 60


Grilflex is the tradename for a new range of high performance PEBA elastomers, designed for demanding applications in market segments such as electro, industry, medical and sport & leisure. Typical target applications are tubes, hoses, corrugated tubes, films, belts and conveyors as well as a wide range of injection moulded components eg. for sports gear or medical devices. Griflex products are very flexible, highly resistant to chemicals, hydrolysis and heat and are free from plasticisers. Their properties outperfom those of traditional thermoplastic elastomers such as TPU or TPE-E.

Grivory G

The materials in this group are based on semi-crystalline polyamides with partially aromatic content. Grivory is supplied as granules for further processing in injection-moulding or extrusion processes using conventional, commercially available equipment and moulds.

  • Grivory GVX

Grivory HT

Grivory® is the trade name of a group of engineering plastics manufactured and marketed by EMS-GRIVORY. Grivory HT is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic construction material based on polyphthalamide (PPA). A completely new and specific process for the manufacture, polymerisation and compounding of Grivory HT in Domat/Ems (Switzerland) has been developed by EMS-GRIVORY.

  • Grivory HT3


Under the trade name Grilon, EMS-GRIVORY offers a wide range of polyamide 6, polyamide 66 and copolyamide grades.

Grivory and Grilon LFT

EMS-GRIVORY is breaking new ground with long glass- fibre reinforced polyamides (PA-LFT). Since the start of 2008, EMS-GRIVORY has been manufacturing PA-LFT products based on the well established product families Grilon TS, Grivory GV and Grivory HT, at the production site in Gross-Umstadt, Germany.


GreenLine is the term selected for a range or partially to fully bio based Polyamide specialties. The current assortment embraces products out of the three product families Grilamid (PA1010 and PA610), Grilamid TR (transparent PA) and Grivory HT (PPA), designed for injection moulding as well as extrusion. The wide product offering allows a broad range of technically challenging applications in the market segments Automotive, Industry, Electrical/Electronics and Optics.

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